June 2014 study: 

A Health Impact Assessment of the Massachusetts Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights

by:  Allyson Auerbach, MPH, Kathleen McCabe, MPA, Eliza Davenport Whiteman, MS, MA

Below is a brief excerpt from this study:

"Historically, domestic workers have been excluded from many state and federal labor and health laws. The Bill of Rights would afford domestic workers basic standards of protections currently enjoyed by most other workers.

"This health impact assessment examined two key provisions – the right to privacy and the right to a written contract – and the evidence of their potential impacts on the health of domestic workers, their employers, and their families. Based on the best available evidence, the bill in its current form has the potential for decreasing stress and anxiety, unmet basic needs, and verbal abuse of domestic workers, among other health impacts.

"Additionally, the bill has the potential to increase financial security, social connectedness, and access to goods and services for domestic workers."  more...