Fair Care Pledge -- Care.com in partnership with the National Domestic Workers' Alliance

Care.com has rolled out an exciting new initiative in partnership with the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) and Hand in Hand, called the "Fair Care Pledge.” We are asking families that employ someone in their home to take this pledge to create a professional and respectful workplace for their caregivers. 

We think that this significant public private partnership could go a long way towards changing the culture of the domestic worker industry (90% women, 50% immigrant) and help professionalize it. 

 We are using the hashtag #faircarepledge and our handle is @CareDotCom and NDWA is @domesticworkers, and https://www.facebook.com/caredotcom

As you know, domestic workers are often left in the shadows of informal work arrangements, without solid workplace protections and standards. We are asking families that employ someone in their home to recognize that “their home is someone’s workplace” and pledge to three things:

  • Fair Wages (including a living wage)
  • Clear Expectations (employment contracts)
  • Paid Time Off (sick, vacation, family leave, vacation, etc)

Take the pledgehttps://www.care.com/take-the-fair-care-pledge

Once you take the pledge you are presented with a shareable graphic for social media that you can post.

 We are also already getting some great press, for example -- this Washington Post blog: 



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From Ai-Jen Poo, of the National Domestic Workers Alliance

I'm writing from the Clinton Global Initiative’s CGI America conference in Denver, where I'm getting ready to take the stage with Former President Bill Clinton to announce a major new partnership for fair and sustainable care.

At around 5:30 PM Eastern Time on June 10, 2015, President Clinton will recognize the Fair Care Pledge, a project of NDWA and Hand in Hand. The pledge allows families to affirm that they will do their best to be fair employers when they hire a childcare provider, housecleaner, or home attendant — and will be endorsed by our first national partner, Care.com, the largest online care marketplace.

I’m so proud to be here for this big announcement, representing the thousands of people like you — domestic workers, domestic employers, and supporters of domestic workers’ rights — who have helped make this moment possible.

Will you add your support for fair employment and sign the Pledge?

If you’re not a domestic employer, can you forward this email to any friends of yours who employ childcare providers, housecleaners, or home attendants?

The Pledge asks families to make their home a workplace they can be proud of by committing to three practices of fair employment: Fair PayClear Expectations and Paid Time Off. Whether you are currently an employer, expect to become one, or want to honor a domestic worker who worked with your family in the past, I hope you’ll sign on and help get the word out.

This is a big moment for our movement. CGI America’s leaders chose to feature the Fair Care Pledge, and our partnership with Care.com, on the mainstage with President Clinton “in recognition of [our] exemplary approach to addressing critical domestic challenges.”

As I wait in the wings here in Denver, I am energized knowing that from state capitols to the private sector, the movement for fairness, dignity and sustainable jobs for domestic workers continues to gain ground.

There will be more to come soon. But for now, I hope you’ll sign the Pledge and tune in to see me on stage with President Clinton in Denver!

In love and solidarity,

Ai-Jen Poo,
Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

p.s. If you’ve already signed the pledge, can you share it with your friends? 


May 8, 2015: MCDW members and supporters testify on the law's regulations



                                                                                             One of MCDW's youngest supporters!!

                                                                                            One of MCDW's youngest supporters!!

                                                                                                                                                                                   APRIL 1 -- The new law takes effect!


                                                                                     APRIL 1 -- The new law takes effect!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Celebrating together on April 1 !!       


                                                                                           Celebrating together on April 1 !!



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