Mother’s Day Appeal to Support Our Domestic Workers


Domestic Workers extend a mother’s love for her loved ones through caring arms!

Nannies, Au Pairs, Housekeepers, and Home Care Aides make your work possible by taking care of your home and those whom you love.


The MCDW was founded in 2010 by several organizations. Currently, it is led by a Steering Committee comprised of the Brazilian Women's Group, the Dominican Development Center, in close partnership with Greater Boston Legal Services and New England Jewish Labor Committee. The Coalition was the main force behind the passing of the Massachusetts Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in 2014. The Bill of Rights is an important step in Massachusetts' long history of leading the country with respect to workplace rights.  In passing the Bill, the Massachusetts legislature made the important decision to protect domestic workers, and address and prevent workplace injustices and worker vulnerability. This vulnerability is particularly acute for immigrant women, whose presence in the U.S. is often tied to harsh realities experienced in their home country. The Bill includes provisions to ensure domestic workers have basic rights including lawfully paid wages, reasonable rest periods, privacy, protections upon termination, and coverage under the Commonwealth’s anti-discrimination and anti-retaliation laws.

Help us create a culture of love and respect between domestic workers and their employers. Donate on behalf of a worker that made a difference in your home, and in your own life by taking care of what you could not. This is the person that made your own work possible!

Please support MCDW in bringing fair treatment to domestic work in our state, equal to that guaranteed for all other workers in our state! Simply follow the link and give generously, become an annual donor, or a sustainer, so we can make a difference in the lives of those that make a difference in yours.

Thank you for extending your arms to those that generously extend theirs every day to care for your loved ones!

Sincerely, Myriam Hernandez Jennings, Director of Policy & Organizing